Sunday, October 11, 2009

And the bride wore leopard print Loubies...

And let me tell you they were gorgeous. GORGEOUS. I can not believe I did not snap a photo of them. AARGH. Any-whooo, here's the deets. This weekend was the awesomely fun wedding reception for Al and Allison. No joke, the cutest and fun couple a girl could hope to befriend. My friend Kathy was my date for the evening, as she is also a big fan of the happy couple and was hoping (and requesting) that she could be my date for the event. So off in the Volvo to Louisville we went. And what could make it even better? Well gee, maybe if Kimberly could be there also. Mmmm hmmm... It was a bloggy smackdown evening. Fun any way you cut it.

I'll tell you the details as I remember them:

8:15- arrived. Late. Frazzled about that. Ugh.

8:30- Beer #1

Sometime later: DJ. More beer.

Sometime later: DJ, more beer, Lil Jon. Kimberly, tell Dave for the rest of my life this song will be associated with him in my mind. For real. Too fun.

Party ends, we decide to hop the trolley from another wedding back to their hotel. Why? Seemed like a perfectly fine idea at the time, and they invited us. So why not???

After the trolley ride: Walked to 4th Street Live.

Sometime around 4 a.m.: Back to the hotel.

Upon arrival back in Columbus and in the shower, found a huge bruise on my foot. Why is it that whenever I have a night with Kathy I come home bruised? Is she kicking me in my sleep?

This my friends, is why I don't go out and play very often. The next trolley ride in my future is in November at my 20th class reunion.

I need to lay low for a while. Whew.


Kimberly said...

It was so good to see you. Dave loves that you will forever think of him when you hear the words "To the sweat drip down my balls". HA! I looked at Dave yesterday once we got home and said, "you rode a chair . . . multiple times", to which he replied "hell ya!".

Sounds like you ladies ended the night right!

WendyB said...

Polly said...

It sounds exactly what you needed and I am oh so jealous. I miss beer.

presious said...

Girl! The good old fashion trick is to carry a pair of flats in your purse! Bruises are unacceptable. You only need to look good at the party. Cute flats on a trolley ride will you get you there in real comfort! lol!

Sorry you had to go through that!

presious said...

WOW! Sounds like somebody got pretty wild!;;LOL! Wild thaaang! You go gurl!

Ally said...

We had ENTIRELY too much fun, huh?? Thank you SO MUCH for coming. You and Kathy (and Kimberly) are such great friends and I'm a lucky, lucky gal.


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