Friday, October 23, 2009


Just when you thought it would never get here, it's FRIDAY! And while I won't be hanging with Ice Cube I will be:

Celebrating Tessa's 17th birthday. How did this happen? Father Time, what did I ever do to you???

Watching more Melrose Place. Yes, I was hooked the first time around, now I am hooked the second time around. And I have to fess up to ordering Season 1 (original) from Amazon to watch.

Reading After You by Julie Buxbaum. I started this earlier in the week but keep getting sidetracked. So far it is a good read though.

Making more progress on my basement. I don't know about you, but I am big on avoiding stuff I don't want to deal with. And there is a HUGE pile of it in my basement and I've been weeding (throwing this crap away) through it and am determined to finish it. Unfortunately as my family knows (and hates about me) when I "deal" with things it means I just move them to another room. It's kind of progress, right???

And finally, to tell the truth... for MONTHS I have been debating Botox. To Botox or not to Botox. That has been the question. The question has been answered. Monday is the day. I'm not getting any younger here kids.

Happy weekend!


Polly said...

Well now thats a pretty decent to do list. Make sure you let us know how the botox goes!

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