Monday, January 19, 2009

Z Cucina- Help support a local business

In a tough economy, the last thing any small business owner needs is for tragedy to strike. Unfortunately for many small business owners in Grandview Ohio tragedy struck last Saturday. I received a call from a friend Saturday afternoon letting me know that it appeared I would not be frequenting my new local favorite business The Candle Lab anytime soon. The building was on fire, and it appeared to be a major one. This was sad news, especially as my girls and I have spent some enjoyable evenings there recently making our own custom scented candles. But my first thought was of a friend of ours and another local business owner Rick Ziliak of Z Cucina. Rick opened Z Cucina a few years ago and I have had a number of great meals and evenings there with friends and my family. Rick is an amazing small business owner and master of making you feel at home and as invested in the success of Z Cucina as he is. You just want for this place to succeed so you can return for another fabulous meal. Hearing that the building was on fire was devastating, especially as so many people among all of the businesses are employed there and times are tough. Grandview Avenue is a part of my daily life as I drive down it twice a day to get to and from work. Sure, I could take the highway, but why would I when I can drive down Grandview Avenue and see some of my favorite businesses and pretty homes? See people getting their hair cut at Aveda, the cars being valet parked at Z Cucina and the wonderful old homes up and down the hill? Amazingly enough, Rick and Z Cucina will be the only business in the building to survive this devastating fire and will be able to re-open for business on Tuesday, January 20th. If you had seen or been able to smell the fire as we could from our neighborhood you would know that this is amazing news! Please help our friend Rick and support his business Z Cucina as the rebuilding of the neighboring businesses begins. The food is amazing, which I and my scale can attest to. If you have children I will tell you that you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they have a $5 menu for kids. It is a great place for a girls night (I will be there Friday) or date night (I will be there Saturday). So support a local business, and eat at Z Cucina. You can call directly at 614-486-9200 or reserve online at Open Table. Oh, and if you want to make some sweet (or other scented) candles, check out the Candle Labs other locations.


Anonymous said...

Hey! My fiance and I own The Candle Lab and we really, really appreciate all of the support and plugs we are getting from everyone in the Grandview community. Thank you so much for mentioning us and even providing a link - awesome! We are having a candle and wine night next Tuesday in our Worthington store from 7-10pm. You can pour a candle and get a glass of wine for only $16. We would love to meet you and for you to come and join us. We are also actively looking for a new space in Grandview so hopefully we'll reopen soon. I'll keep you posted ;) Thanks again for your help! Katesha and Steve

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