Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eddie Merlot's- Man do I love this place!

You know how sometimes you head out for a pleasant evening, most likely a low key one that somehow winds up being a really great time? It comes at you from out of nowhere which makes it double the fun? We started off our evening with the Sunny 95 event, which was all class all the way. It was more crowded than what I expected, but we were greeted in the parking lot by a uniformed police officer who let us know where to park our cars and told us there would be limousines to take us back to the entrance of the hotel where the event was. Um, OK. Once we got inside I immediately ran into a man I had been on a business trip with YEARS before which turned out to be a very fun case of mistaken identities at a Ritz Carlton in California. (They thought he was a very prestigious return guest and gave him the presidential suite, he was just a man from Columbus Ohio with the same name as someone else.) So we chatted for a few minutes, then my friends and I went about getting every free sample under the sun. As the event ended we ran into a very well known local businessman/car salesman/guitar playing-singing self promoter and his wife who we will leave nameless for the purpose of this story. Said car salesman was HAMMERED. HAM-MERED. He wanted to take a picture with my camera phone while his less than thrilled to be putting up with his crazy antics wife waited around in her full length fur coat. Again, I won't name any names but if you live in Columbus and are familiar with your car salesmen I can give you a hint and say "He's dealin!" After the event we decided to pop into Eddie Merlot's for a bite to eat. What a complete and total gem this place is. Top notch all the way! The decor is fabulous as is the staff. You would have thought we were all friends. The manager, Vittorio introduced himself to us and make sure that we knew to please let him know if we needed anything.The other patrons were just as friendly. I ordered a calamari appetizer and let me tell you it is THE BEST! BAR NONE! Perfectly perfectly done calamari with a choice of three dipping sauces. And the portion would absolutely serve as a meal as it is larger than appetizer size. If you live in a city with Eddie Merlot's you need to experience it. As we left, everyone told us to have a good evening. I can not wait to go back and have more of the calamari! And have another Italian lesson from Vittorio! Check the website to see if Eddie Merlot's is coming to your town soon as they have new restaurants coming soon! And get the calamari! Thank you Vittorio for a great and hospitable evening! Can't wait to come back!


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