Friday, January 16, 2009

This is how I roll on a Friday night

Not sure why, but I really dislike doing things on a Friday night. I love coming home, putting on my jammies and waiting for it to be Saturday. So, as Brian is out of town AND it is Friday AND I have never been known for my stellar decision making skills guess what??? It's paint time once again! See the hot pink wall in the picture? See the can of paint in front of it? Guess what color paint is in the can? ORANGE! Orange you glad I told you so? Really, at some point I am afraid Brian is going to fax my picture to Sherwin Williams along with his travel schedule and a request to please, please not sell me any paint on those dates. At least I have moved my painting concentration to one wall, versus entire rooms. It really must get confusing to keep coming home to different colors. At least I didn't move the furniture around this time. A few weeks ago Brian came home after a few cocktails to find that I had moved our bedroom around. He said he was glad that he hadn't taken a running start and just jumped onto the bed. Which is a good thing as the bed had been moved to a different wall while he was out. But really, it could have been good for a laugh. So... tune in tomorrow to see today's finished art project!


Ally said...

Is that the awesome $20 chair you told me about??

Jane said...

I agree the chair is fab - can't wait to see the wall!

Karen said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! LOL Brian jumping into mid air and landing on a dresser!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

thanks for the comment and link!

fingers crossed for the painting ;)


Kimberly said...

I love the idea of the pink wall, but I am really loving the idea of an orange wall! Please post a pic soon, you crazy lady!

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