Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gold Digger or Brass Monkey? You decide...

A while back, Jane did a fun thing to complete and outfit based on a song. And Kat pulled off a pretty darn good Gold Digger. When I bought this amazing skirt from J Crew during the after holiday sales I couldn't help but think of two songs: Gold Digger and Brass Monkey. Anyway, today is the first time I've worn my sweet skirt, and I have to say other than the wrinkle factor I am loving it! I paired it with my new Betseyville open toe wedges on sale from Endless.com and am feeling pretty feisty and fierce today!


Ally said...

You should bring that necklace (necklaces??) to SLT.

Cat said...

As much as I like the Beastie Boys, this outfit screams Gold Digger to me! I love how you tied the skirt and shoes together with the gold buckles.

Great necklace layering! Is that a brooch attached to the pearls? If so, that's also very Michelle Obama of you. :-D

I think this outfit would also be great for the Christmas holidays.

Back off Beastie Boys, my boy, Kanye, wins this round.

P.S. Does anyone know what song the Beastie Boys sample from 1:38 - 2:00 min? It's driving me crazy, because I can't quite place it.

Cat said...

I got my song question answered. The DJ sampled "Move Ya Body" by Nina Sky.

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