Friday, January 2, 2009

Dress Registry website- Don't show up in someone else's dress!

I think this is so cool!

NEW YORK (AFP) – A new website hopes to save guests at president-elect Barack Obama's inauguration balls from the ultimate fashion faux pas -- wearing the same dress as someone else. invites party goers to post the designer, color and length of their outfit chosen for the dozens of January 20 inauguration bashes in Washington, DC.
"Our one goal is to lessen the chance that someone attending the same event as you will be wearing the EXACT same dress," organizers write on the website.
For example, anyone headed to the Commander-in-Chief Ball knows that someone else has got first dibs on a pink, ankle-length Adrianna Pappell dress with a plunging neckline.
The black Ralph Lauren cocktail dress is taken, ditto the strapless blue Amsale and silver, ankle-length Cachet.
The obvious problem with the scheme is that unless everyone registers their dress, guests will still be left wondering.
"We can make no guarantee that you won't have twin at your event, but at least we can try to eliminate such sad occurrences," the website warns.


Hillary said...

Funny, a friend of mine sent me this same site suggesting that I blog about it. I'll have to tell him you beat me to the punch :) I agree with you though. There's only a handful of dresses on there and it doesn't look like I'll be attending any of those balls this year. Maybe next year....

Jane said...

I know how it feels to turn up in the same dress - I posted about it last July.
I organised the ball and the guest of honour turned up - in the same dress!!!!

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