Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When I grow up...

When I was much younger (around 2nd grade and living in Youngstown Ohio) I wanted to be a nun. I was fascinated by nuns. I can clearly remember being in church one Sunday and all of the children had to get up on the alter and announce what we wanted to be when we grew up. I was the only kid who said "nun." I voluntarily went to church each and every day before school until 6th grade and I sang in the choir each and every Sunday. At the end of 5th grade my family moved to Indiana. I was so brokenhearted that I went to church and tried to get them to let me stay and live there.
After our arrival in Fort Wayne Indiana and my first dose of public school I decided I would be a librarian instead. I volunteered at my school and local library and anxiously awaited my local bookmobile when it came to our neighborhood. I had always (and still do) love books. One of my proudest moments came when I won an award for volunteering more hours than any other school aged volunteer. For all I know that was a made up award but they still gave it to me.
By high school I had decided to be a journalist. Our high school paper was called The Northerner and I loved that paper! I learned more from my journalism teacher Mrs. Thiele than I have ever learned from anyone. Man she was a tough old battle ax! But fair. I have very fond memories of working on that paper. And I was just devoted enough to be proud of lettering in journalism when many of my peers were lettering in volleyball, basketball or cheer leading.
As my 20th class reunion approaches and everyone is electronically reacquainting themselves I have been asked a few times if I have ever done anything with my writing. No. But, I do have to show off my fine skills and years of love for the written word along with my quick wit and charm. As the manager of a multi-family community I often have to deal with less than desirable situations. And this is no joke, but I recently had someone who hung a noose from his front porch. No joke. A noose. So, I wrote this note:

Dear So and So (Name has been changed to protect the idiotic)

Your noose is creating a nuisance. Please remove it.

Signed by yours truly-

*When I grow up, I want to be a break dancer. Or a personal shopper.


Trinette Hayslip said...

This is hilarious. I would have loved to see the look on that guy's face when he read that note.

Cost of paper-$.50
Time to write note-5 min
The look on the guys face-priceless

Kimberly said...

Seriously, a noose? Why are some people such social rejects?!

As for the paper - I was on newspaper staff for 7 years (middle school through high school) and was the proud Editor-in-Chief of The Blue & White Heritage my senior year. I haven't done anything with my writing either since then! I did make a little "newsletter" to hang in the bathroom here at work though (kind of an inside joke).

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