Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Candle Lab, take two

A few weeks back, I mentioned a terrible fire in our area that destroyed the building that houses some of my favorite local businesses. One of them was The Candle Lab. Each day I drive past the building on my way to work and it still makes me feel terrible for all of the displaced business owners. Then, last week I noticed a sign! The Candle Lab is back in business in a new location! Way to get back on your feet guys! Awesome! I am going to be totally cheesy here and say it: I AM FIRED UP! (Hopefully you get it, otherwise I am not sure if my humor sucks or people just don't get me...) Anyway, visit The Candle Lab in their new location at 1251 Grandview Avenue. It is just next to the Drexel Theater and a few doors down from Jeni's Ice Cream. Welcome back Candle Lab!!!


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