Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today, I went on a magic carpet ride...

I went skiing today. For the first time ever. No joke, I don't participate in snow-related activities. I don't make snowballs, snowmen or go sledding. I'm sure those things are fun, but they don't interest me. But for some reason I've decided I am curious about skiing. My friend and neighbor Renee invited me to a fun ski club event so I went and took Tessa and Caroline along. And it was fun. I can picture why people like it. Everything was awesome. I actually did it! We all got a lesson and I really, really paid attention and followed the directions. And being a non-ski person, I had NO IDEA they have these fun little magic carpet rides that take you up the hill. Did you know that??? Pretty nifty. So the instructor had us get on the "magic carpet" and ride it up. Up. By the time we got to the top I was a little nervous. After I got off I looked down that hill and asked him how I was supposed to get to the bottom of it. And let me tell you that man was smart (ass). He told me "ski". WHAT? WHAT? THAT my friend is a hill. I was pretty good at skiing when we did the stuff where you turn your ski's around, go down a little slope and use the poles. I was AWESOME at that. Honestly, I was. But I knew I was not getting down that mountain on a pair of skis. I panicked. And then I walked back down the hill with the ski's in my hand. I guess I answered my own question of how I was getting back down the hill. Boy. Skiing was fun. I think I'll go again.


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