Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What the hail?!?!

In October 2006 we got hit by a hail storm that was so severe most of the homes in our neighborhood wound up getting new roofs and/or siding. Both of our cars were majorly damaged to the point of a $12,000 insurance claim for the repairs to them. Not including the damage to our home. One of the damaged cars was my beloved Volvo, the car of many quirks and possibly one of the Top 5 subjects on my blog. I knew we were expecting bad weather today. Major winds, rain and a tornado watch. Amazingly enough it is 60 degrees outside and feels great. What I did not know was that we were expecting hail. And guess what? Once again, the Volvo got thrashed by it. Last time I likened it to what it might look like had it been the victim of a drive by. (Not that I'm making light of drive-bys...) Brian already told me good luck turning in another hail damage claim on the car. Man do I love my Volvo.


Anonymous said...

Oh, seriously, KT - that sucks!

Ally said...

Dude, hail?!?!!! Your voice mail killed me this afternoon...your poor Volvo. Your insurance company is totally going to cancel you.

Hillary said...

Oh no! What does mother nature have against the Volvo?

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