Monday, May 11, 2009

University of Kentucky, ya'll!

So Tessa isn't sure UK is for her, but she sure does love the "Southern speak" ya'll. (FYI- don't click on the "ya'll" if you don't want to hear DMX all through your room!) We did have a ton of fun though. We started out at the Kentucky Horse Park, which is AWESOME! The university was so nice. Very green. In all seriousness the gym at the university is powered by the energy of people working out. Very cool. It looks like the college search will continue though. Next on the list:

Indiana University (Home of yours truly!) and Mizzou (The school I didn't visit until after I made the decision to go to IU and cried when I got there and realized what I was going to be missing!)

I have to say one of the funniest things was parking by a Volvo just like ours. (Minus the shot out headlight mine has) When I showed Brian the picture he didn't get that it wasn't my car and asked "How'd you do that?" with regards to the front UK license plate. I sure didn't marry him for his powers of observation, ya'll!


Ally said...

Of COURSE UK is for Tessa! She'll come to her senses :)

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