Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can someone pass me a tissue?

So, I have to say I've been a little emotional lately and I don't see it getting better any time soon. It all started about 8 months ago (and I'm not kidding) when it dawned on my that my unbelievably kind and great friend Jordan would be moving this June. (More to come about her later this week...) I knew this was coming, as her husband would be finishing med school and they would most likely leave Columbus. And no joke, I remember the day it hit me, and when the tears started, which unfortunately was during yoga class laying next to Brian during shavasna. An odd place to start crying, but whatever. So I have been crying on and off since November. And then tonight I was at Tessa's choir concert and it REALLY hit me that she only has one year left at home. ONE YEAR. And what a year it will be. Caroline starts kindergarten in August, Tessa applies to colleges beginning in September and we will start hearing back by November. Graduation in summer, leave in fall. All of this hits me as I watch the kids I have seen her grow up with sing. And there I am at the choir concert crying. (And they said I didn't have feelings....) So do you want to know what I did to cheer myself up? (Or at least make myself stop crying?)

I took myself back in the day. Back in the 80's when I was in swing choir (yeah, that's how I rolled) with Dan Dew as my partner, wearing my red/white/black dress singing and dancing to Lionel Richie. And again, no joke but I can still sing and dance our version of You Are. Sometimes I bust that one out for Tessa just to get her to laugh. It works.

*FYI- Facts about this posting:
-Dan Dew was not hurt in the posting of this blog. He even gave his permission to use his real name so I did not have to change it to protect his identity. Thanks Dan!
-Lionel Richie was not consulted.
-The swing choir featured was not the one I was in, but it is one that was a BIG DEAL back in Indiana where I grew up. Again, because that's how I roll.


Ally said...

Hi, friend. I swear I'm not avoiding you (which I KNOW is adding to the tears). I'll call you and catch up. Promise.

Polly said...

Losing a good friend to far away is sad, and about to happen to me too so I commiserate with you.

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