Monday, May 18, 2009

A measure of success!

As mentioned many, many times I am sure, I gave up shopping for Lent. And amazingly enough, when Lent was over I did not resume my prior ways. I have been pretty boastful of this to Brian. I mean, really, (and unfortunately this is no secret to Brian anymore after the great credit card debacle of 2008) I was getting something shipped to me about every other day. But I've been having a hard time explaining to Brian just how reformed I am. Today however, it really hit home. I got my ebates check in the mail. Now, if you don't use ebates for your online shopping you should be. Kimberly at Fab Finds Under 50 turned me on to this. TONS of retailers use ebates. You just sign up for an account (FREE!) and see if your fave retailers use ebates. So many do! Nordstrom, Sephora, Banana Republic..... So you go to that retailer via the ebates sight, and you just shop. By using your ebates account you earn cash back. No joke. Ebates sends you a check every few months. And you did nothing. NOTHING. Looove ebates. Well, here is my measure of success. My ebates check was HALF of what it used to be! Which means I have cut my shopping in half~ Woo-hoo! Finally, something concrete to show Brian the new me! But seriously, sign up for ebates!


Polly said...

KT - see my blog, I gave up too. Thanks for spurring me into action!!

Life is too short huh?!

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