Saturday, May 23, 2009

My favorite summer appetizer...

A few years ago Brian and I were lucky enough to be introduced to THE BEST WARM WEATHER APPETIZER EVER. Friends Gretchen and Jeff invited us over for dinner and served up a concoction of three things that would have never occurred to me but are AMAZING when paired together and grilled.

1) Jalapeno Pepper- Slice in half, hollow out

2) Cream cheese- Fill the inside of the jalapeno with it

3) Bacon- (Wendy Brandes- this is where I get your attention) Wrap the cream cheese stuffed jalapeno with bacon

4) Toothpick- Spear the jalapeno with it

5) Grill

I SWEAR the jalapeno is not spicy or hot after it is grilled. It is just PERFECTION. Whenever we have company over during warm weather it is pretty much a given that we will be serving these. Try it and see for yourself!

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