Friday, May 1, 2009

Things I am pretty sure of:

1) I am the missing Pussycat Doll. After seeing the show last night I am pretty sure I was meant to wear knee high lace up stiletto go-go boots.

2) Britney Spears can lip-sync her concerts all day long. I don't care. Her show is amazing. Bar none, the best concert I have ever been to. I don't care what they say, if I had been to rehab I would still be in a corner huddled up trying to get my life together. In no way could I pull off what she has done with that show.

3) So, we got to the show knowing that our tickets were row G, which we thought was 7th row. Um, no. The seats actually start at row D, so we were 4TH ROW. No joke, we were so close that at one point they do a big ring of fire on the stage and we could feel the heat!

4) True confession- I bought a Britney concert t. I LOVE concert t's. And I'm wearing it at work today. But, it looks super cute, and I'm wearing it with a blazer and skirt.

5) Next stop on the KT concert tour- Beyonce.


V said...

The concert was great, right? your seats were sooo good! i agree, love britney so much and so jealous you're going to beyonce! haven't bought the beyonce tix for here, but might do that...I have too many NKOTB shows this summer!

Kimberly said...

dang, so jealous ~ sounds like a fantastic time!!!

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