Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whew! Problem solved...

I know it might not seem like a big deal but I have been so worried about Caroline starting kindergarten. And not for the usual reasons where I was concerned about whether or not she is ready, but because in our area, kindergarten is only 2.5 hours of the day. And for a working mom, 2.5 hours doesn't make a lot of sense. Either I find childcare which is just as costly for part time as it is full time and have her in two places each and every day, possibly deal with shuttling her all around or I find a full day kindergarten. I had Tessa in full day kindergarten and loved it. And Caroline is used to being at a child care program all day so going to an all day kindergarten won't be a big change for her. I have to say Brian has been VERY patient with me during the kindergarten search. We went to one open house and as soon as the teacher started speaking I decided we needed to leave. In my mind kindergarten teachers are warm and fuzzy. This one was not, so home we went. Then we went on a tour of another school. I was making all of my little notes about the student/teacher ratios and to me they seemed a little high for kindergarten. I am sorry, but these kids require A LOT of attention. And again, we saw two classrooms of kids and neither teacher exuded warm and fuzzy to me. Today we hit gold. I KNEW we had found our place when we walked into the classroom and all of the cute little faces AND the teacher told us "Chicka chicka boom boom welcome to our classroom." THAT sealed the deal for me. (As did my mental count of kids versus teacher: 17) Time to start shopping for backpacks... If only the college search for Tessa was this easy.


Amy said...

This story put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing :)

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