Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's been one week

It's been one week since I went shopping
Pushed my debit card to the side and now I'm angry
Seven days since I've had Pepsi
Easter morning we will be reunited

Seven days in my living room
Looking at the Internet
Watching all the sales go by

J Crew has lots of flashy sales
The clothes tell tales
Of how my life could be better

Shu Uemura's products reduce fine lines
That tell the passing of time
Free shipping is a great value

Banana Republic I love you too
Your clothes make me drool
When my bank account is overdrawn
I look like a well dressed fool not a day goes by
When your shoes don't catch my eye
Size 8.5
Your boxes make me feel so alive

Don't think I forgot you
You know I miss you too
And I hope to be back real soon

Hold it now I think I've been hoodwinked
By a church I'm barely a part of don't you think?

*Bonus points to the person who can sing this along to the Barenaked Ladies version of One Week. Other than myself. Do you think maybe I can get the position left open by Steven Page???

I could go on, but I think I'm too depressed and weak to continue... I miss shopping...


Anonymous said...

You are so talented! I am impressed with your week w/ no shopping though. I honestly didn't think you would make it this long!

Tessa said...

I'm in math class and were learning nothing so I checked your blog.
I tried to sing this out loud
I could actually do it, after three tries.
My life is a joke

KT said...

Tessa, back in 1989 we did not have Internet access during math. We had to actually DO math. Just a little FYI. But your mom loves you. :)

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