Thursday, March 5, 2009

Close encounters of the shopping kind

Made the mistake of going to Target last night. Tessa needed a gift card for a school project and like a misguided loser I thought I could handle the pressure. Until I got to the stationery section. And they have the CUTEST little tent favor bags that I have almost purchased in the past and didn't. They are down to just under $7.00. That makes them 14 CENTS EACH! How can I pass that up??? So it's true confession time. I put them in the cart. I walked them up to the cash register. And then guilt got a hold of me. I DIDN'T BUY THEM. I WALKED AWAY. Big props to Tessa for being a shoulder I can lean on.


Christina said...

way to stay strong!!!

Jane said...

It's soo hard!

So@24 said...

What the hell is a tent bag???

I'm such a dude.

Hillary said...

I saw them too, but they weren't that cheap. Way to stay strong!

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