Friday, March 20, 2009

Six years later...

Prior to getting married to Brian it was discovered that I have polycystic ovary syndrome. If you are not familiar with this, it causes fertility problems, weight problems and can lead to problems with diabetes. Fun, right? I will never, ever forget sitting at the doctors office with Brian prior to our wedding. The doctor was very thorough in describing how many women with PCOS are so obese that they can't even sit in armchairs. They sweat. They get hairy. I sat there thinking it would be a miracle if Brian showed up at the wedding after hearing all of this. Although I do have to say the doctor was very generous in stating that I looked nothing like the typical PCOS patient as I was very fit and healthy. Whew! Well, it appears that lady luck is no longer on my side. As of this week I started a medicine called glucophage to help with the diabetic problems related to PCOS. And after a week, let me tell you, glucophage is the devil. The absolute devil. All I can say is I hope it helps because this is NOT FUN. I thought fertility drugs were rough but I can honestly say I think they were easier than this. Aargh! So now, I am stuck in the middle of Lent with no shopping (I confess, I am back on the Pepsi- could not deal with the headaches caused by no caffeine) and now the devil drug glucophage. Woe is me, right?


Ally said...

That stinks, KT :(

Mine just has me on a whole slew of vitamins and supplements. I'm guessing she isn't worried until we want to breed.

*big hugs* said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Hopefully the new drug will help and at least make the drama worth it in the end!

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