Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spelling Bee

Learning to spell has become a VERY BIG DEAL around our place lately. We've had to pull into parking lots so Caroline can read the signs, and she thinks she is pretty hot when she finishes up with a word. She does the whole spelling bee thing.
Caroline, spell DOG.
Dog. D-O-G. Dog.
It's getting kind of funny because she is very literal in her "spelling." So any word or series of letters on a gallon of milk spells milk. Got it? So today, Caroline is QUITE proud of herself because she has been reading the television. She comes up to tell us she knows how to spell TV. OK, Caroline honey. Go ahead and spell TV for me.
TV. S-O-N-Y. TV.
Good job Caroline, good job. If anyone from Sony wants to contact us with regards to a marketing job for Caroline I will be acting as her career counselor.


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