Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Passports and photo ops

Brian and I have decided to FINALLY get passports. We travel quite a bit, but other than ours drives into Canada all of our travel is within the US. We both have trips into Canada planned for the near future however, and will soon need passports to drive over the border. So off we went the other night to get our passport photos taken. And I'm sorry, but I am a GIRL and I want my picture to be cute. I just do. So I'm feeling like I look pretty good and off we go. To Walgreens. And we get there and they pull down this white background attached to a door in the corner of the store. So I made a comment that I felt like I was getting a fake ID made or something. Which is not accurate, as when I got my fake ID I actually went to the real BMV and had a real drivers license made. (Keep in mind this was in 1823 when it was much easier to get away with this stuff and I would NEVER condone that type of behavior anymore... wink wink.) Anywhoo, Gloria the Glamour Shot employee snaps Brian's picture and you know what? It wasn't too shabby. Which is surprising, as Brian is a total Chandler Bing when it comes to pictures. We even joked about getting a stand in for our wedding pictures. So now it's my turn. As she snaps the picture Brian makes some funny noise which makes me laugh. Now I knew, I just knew my picture was NOT SO GOOD. She prints off the pictures, puts them in a little envelope and sends us out the door. Where I went wrong was in not looking in the envelope before we left. So once we were home I looked in the envelope. And I got pissed. And I do mean pissed. I look like a complete and total moron. Why, WHY did she print that picture and charge us money? All she had to do was look at the screen and say "You know what, your eyes were closed, you were laughing and your head was tilted. Let's take that one over." Aargh! Needless to say, Brian though it was HILARIOUS. Funny funny funny. But what really made his day was when Caroline was in the bathroom while he was in the kitchen laughing and Caroline announced LOUD AND CLEAR "Mo-om, I think dad's looking at your picture again." Wow, talk about a blow to the ego.


Ashley said...

Oh that is funny! But I would've been mad too!! They should totally give you another photo for free - especially if your eyes are closed. And I think you should totally post the pic - because now I'm just curious! ;)

Kimberly said...

I would take the picture back and demand another one for free. Seriously, these are Passport pics and there are certain criteria that have to followed!

As for my passport - I did a little jig when I realized mine is good into 2010 (thought it expired last year) and I am tan, 15 lbs. lighter, and 8 years younger in the picture. Meanwhile Dave looks pasty and old in his (which he just got)! Can't wait for St. Martin!!

Ally said...

Absolutely take that back. I took mine back twice to Walgreens before I just got my money back and went to AAA where they're free and you get a preview.

My passport expired last March (ahhh!!) but I'm so young and blonde in it. *sigh*

Trinette Hayslip said...

You are soo showing me that pic!

La Belette Rouge said...

You will show us your bunny picture but not your passport photo?;-)

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