Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If you know (or want to know) anything about me it is that I LOVE to be helpful and I LOVE to do favors. I'm not sure why, but I do. If you need a ride to the airport I am your girl. I think I love giving rides to the airport because it is fun for me to help see someone off to an exciting destination, new adventure, home to see family, whatever. Plus, I love planes. Growing up I was fascinated by Amelia Earhart and had a pretty good idea that I was Amelia reincarnated. (Sadly, I'm not joking) So today I offered to pick up our friend Jeremy (one half of Jordan and Jeremy) from the airport. Jeremy and Jordan (and sweet Addy) flew out last week to spend time with Jeremy's family for a few weeks and Jeremy is coming home for a few days to do something important that I am guessing has to do with finishing medical school and getting on with their lives and then leaving again. And I'm sure that over the next few months you will get snippets of my upcoming breakdown as they prepare to move to Columbia Missouri and leave me. I won't bore you with the details of my love for Jordan and Jeremy but I will tell you that when I think about them moving I cry. I'm trying really hard not to take it personally that they are moving away for his residency. I kind of know that it isn't about me and that they aren't really FROM Columbus, this isn't their home and blah blah blah... Back to the point. I offered to do the airport pick up but yesterday I kind of had a moment. The next time they leave Columbus it will be for good. Oh crap. This isn't one of those "casual" visits back home. This is the end. Oh man. Let's just hope I don't have a meltdown and I can get through this. The good news is that Brian promised me a set of plane tickets to Columbia to visit. Here's my question: If they move June 05th is June 07 too soon to visit??? Hmm.....


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