Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's my anniversary, again.

And as usual, we are celebrating in grand style. Neither Brian or I are very romantic (big surprise if you've ever met us or actually read some of my blog postings) so we're not big celebrators of anniversaries. On our first anniversary we got stranded in Florida. Our flight was cancelled and we could not get another flight for THREE DAYS. It was not a good situation. We had an irritable one year old, my ultra accommodating mother in law and Tessa, who HAD to be back at school to start her softball season or risk being benched. So we rented a car and started the drive back to Ohio. As we were driving, Brian turned around to look at me in the back seat and said "Happy Anniversary by the way." By the way. Doesn't get more sappy than that does it? Fast forward to this anniversary. I took the girls on our college road trip and Brian went fishing with his dad. This afternoon he called me as we were headed home. At the end of the conversation he asked me if I was going to tell him Happy Anniversary. I countered with "Are you going to tell ME Happy Anniversary?" Don't you just feel Cupids arrow piercing you? Ah, Happy Anniversary Brian!


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