Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prom mom- I've still got it

So, I remember there used to be certain songs we'd be really excited to hear at dances. You know, the ones you and your friends would drive around listening to and are a part of your memories for ever? The songs that always take you back in time? True confession: For me, one of those songs is Joy and Pain by Rob Base and DJ EzRock. My friend Cara and I used to roll around town in her navy blue Cabriolet and think we were the sh*t listening to this! I asked Tessa last night what song she was hoping to hear at prom, the song guaranteed to get everyone fired up. The answer? Yeah, by Usher. Hmmm.. The answer surprised me, but I get it. I myself have spent a little time on the dance floor to Yeah. I wonder if she'll let me tag along tonight? Yeah.


Hillary said...

OMG I looooved Joy & Pain too! Brings me back to my high school days. Fond memories! Okay I am a little surprised about Tessa's song too since the song was out a few years back. It still is a a great dance song... I have fond memories of Miami with that song:-)

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