Monday, April 27, 2009

The kindness of strangers

As I mentioned recently, I have been organizing a women's event for this fall. I started out doing this just for fun, and to say "I can" when it comes to organizing something when I started out with basically nothing. I want to make this a fun event, and have goody bags and door prizes. But my goal was to not spend any of my own money putting together as it is strictly for fun. Initially I thought it would be fun to share things I am familiar with (and like) as part of the event, and contacted people I know who have their own businesses that they may want to promote, whether it be a magnet with their business logo, promotional flyer, whatever. Depending on the type of business possibly a gift card for a door prize. Then I started thinking "How fun would it be to use this as a way to promote local business owners, especially in a bad economy?" So I started emailing owners and managers from local companies. And I am impressed by the responses I am getting. Then, I started really using my brain... As an avid reader who occasionally posts about a book I read I sometimes get an email or comment from the authors themselves thanking me for reading their books, or letting me know they are glad I liked the book. Me? I'm just a girl in Columbus, Ohio. And they thank me? No, thank YOU for being talented and entertaining me for a matter of hours. So I decided to reach out to a few authors and ask for a copy of their books to use as door prizes for my event. These people don't know me, but guess what? They have graciously helped me out anyway~ I can not even tell you how good it feels when you reach out to someone and they respond in a positive way. Check out the blog for the event. I'm having a lot of fun seeing how this progresses from just an idea to something bigger. And thank you to everyone who has agreed to help me with this~ I've even had a few of you bloggers contact me and offer to help! This is going to be awesome!


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