Thursday, April 9, 2009

Peter Thomas Roth at Gilt Group

I'll tell you who I've loved this week. Gilt Group. I realize that I gave up shopping for Lent, but I did readily admit that I fell off the wagon during the Christian Louboutin sale. I did. And I hit another bump in the road today during the Vera Wang Lavender Label sale. It's true. I did. And I may as well say it now. Tomorrow will be another bump in the road.
It's Peter Thomas Roth day! I LOVE Peter Thomas Roth skincare products. Is it too much to hope for that they will have their Lashes to Die For at the sale???
Listen, if you aren't a Gilt Group member you should be. It's free and the only way to score MAJOR deals on designer goods. If you aren't a member yet you need to be referred by someone to get in to the site. Sign up and check it out!!!

*Anything I have ever ordered from them has shipped the same day or the next day. Gotta love that!


ladyorchid said...

I just signed up Thank you!!!

KT said...

Lady Orchid- How do I contact you if your name gets drawn?
You can email me at
*Enjoy your free perfume! I love goodies!

ladyorchid said...

Just emailed you my contact info.

Free Perfume? Really? Thank you!!!

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