Friday, June 26, 2009

Planes, trains, buses and automobiles...

Boy, the things a girl will go through to arrive at a getaway destination. The ORIGINAL plan was to FLY to Philadelphia and take a TRAIN to Atlantic City. Um, not so much so.
We got off the plane, took a cab to the train found out the train was not running on part of the tracks due to repairs, took a Greyhound Bus to a DIFFERENT train station, got on THAT train, got off the train and had people debating the merits of taking yet another train, another bus or a cab to get us to our final destination. Our heads were spinning by this point. We opted for the cab, but the cab driver didn't know where we were going it turned out. One wrong resort later and viola! WE HAVE ARRIVED! Whew! Three tired girls in need of some relaxation and a drink. Which we proceeded to do. Which was followed up with a late night swim session (courtesy of the staff who discreetly left the pool gate open for us) in the mineral pool at the spa on the grounds and three tipsy girls and several bottles of beer. We ended the night with a little golf cart ride around the grounds, again, courtesy of a very kind member of the staff who understood that sometimes, girls just want to have fun.
*I have to admit to being HIGHLY disappointed by my bus ride. I had visions of everyone bonding a-la the scene from College Road Trip where we would all do a singalong to Double Dutch Bus and no one wanted to do it. Bummer, right?


Tessa said...

if only your baby girl was there.
i would've sung with you.
*There's a double dutch bus comin' down the street
Movin pretty fast
So kinda shuffle your feet
Get on the bus and pay your fare
And tell the driver that you're
Goin' to a Double Dutch Affair*

Polly said...

Im always one for a singalong - just ply me with booze and Im a sure thing!!

I just love that there are some very understanding staff members around!!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am sorry that the bus ride didn't go as you'd planned. But have a fantastic time!!! I am sure you will.xo

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