Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm feeling like a Nationwide ad

Wow. What a week. The good news is that I am all cried out. So, here is a wrap-up of the week.
1) Jeremy finished med school.
2) Jordan moved. Which is appropriate I suppose, as she is married to Jeremy and he is going to be working at a hospital in Missouri.
3) I swear, I keep waiting on them to tell me "Ha Ha" and not really move except for the fact that I just confirmed with them that they are driving through Illinois. So if this is a joke, they are taking it a bit too far.
4) Tessa is a senior now. A SENIOR. Who would have imagined that when I gave birth 16 years ago this would happen???
5) Caroline's last day at daycare was today. She is ready to be a big Kindergarten girl in the fall. She is spending the summer at home with her "friend" Tiff as she calls her (Short for Tiffany, but I think Caroline is starting some kind of sorority) watching her.

Man. This momma sure could use a pedicure or something...
*As noted previously, do not turn to me for advice on family planning. How I wound up with one kid finishing high school as one kid starts Kindergarten is mind boggling. Truly. Nationwide's advertising campaign totally sums it all up for me.


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