Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What do Tessa, Bobby Knight and John Mellencamp have in common?


Now THAT could be an interesting question.
So, I'll just go ahead and make it easy for you.
Tessa got emailed her acceptance into Indiana University today.
Congrats Tessa!


presious said...

Sorry KT, I have no idea who either of these people are :(. Am I truly unsocialized or what?

Polly said...

Congratulations to Tessa - that is fabulous news. I hope that she is thrilled.

carrie said...

Katie, We've just started looking at schools w/Jake (he's a junior),and IU is one we're considering. Jamie & Katie T both went there. What's your impression of the school? What did Tessa like/not like? On your most recent post you say she chose Kentucky as her final pick. What was it about K that made her choose it?xoxo Carrie

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