Sunday, November 29, 2009

A night 20 years in the making...

Just like Thanksgiving our 20th class reunion came and went before I knew it. Months of internal debate has come to an end.
The pressure is off to find the perfect dress, lose 20 pounds, put faces with names and cover, pluck, tuck, or hide any grey. And you know what? After all of the angst over the past weeks that many of us have felt, it didn't matter.
The night was a smashing success, thanks to the dedication and determination of four diligent planners.
It was fun to see the excitement in everyones eyes as they recognized former classmates, co-workers from first jobs, early crushes. It was especially fun to see all of our senior pictures posted on our name tags. Man, did we have a lot of hair!
One of the nicest things was to see people having actual conversations. There were very few "What do you do?" type conversations going on, as there were more "How ARE you?" conversations happening. People were genuinely interested in one another. And mostly, everyone was very well behaved. There was one old school poppin/lockin and breakdance session that went on which was fun to witness. See? We can still bring it!
Seeing us come together as parents, professionals, scholars, advocates and friends was amazing! It truly seemed as if there had been no passage of time.
The requests have already begun to plan a 25th class reunion. I hope it happens!
Thank you fellow Redskins for a great time! Looking forward to seeing you at the next reunion!
*For those of you interested in getting a copy of the Q&A sheets let me know and I will email them to you.


Abby said...

Love the blog; love the 20 year old hairdo. If there's a 25 year class reunion; count me in. I'm sorry I missed this shin-dig; it looked like so much fun. So exciting to see old friends and to make new friends. Keep me posted on another reunion. I'll even help! Love ya, Abby

WendyB said...

Love that picture :-)

La Belette Rouge said...

The picture is fantastic. I am so glad you had a good time. I didn't have the nerve to go to mine and as I hated my time in high school I wasn't keen on seeing those people again.

presious said...

That must have been really cool to see! After all those years?! That is so awesome! And they can STILL bring it?! LOL! I'm impressed!

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