Friday, November 13, 2009

KT and Luda on a Friday night...

It was Friday night and I was feeling a'ight. Thursday night was a late one and I'm pretty content to lay low.
And as I was debating whether or not to watch my beloved Melrose Place dvd's, read or shop online for a new dress I had Luda playing over and over in the background. Which led me to reminiscing.
So.... I'll share my fave Ludacris story. (Not that I have loads of them, since it's not like he's ever accepted a dinner invitation from me or anything. I hope he knows it's an open invite. You know that, right Luda?)
Back on track Katie, back on track.
Prior to the Katie "no cell phones at work" ruling of 2008 I accidentally left my cell phone on in my desk one day. And as I'm in my office talking to the husband of one of my residents my desk starts playing "Pimpin All Over the World" Um, embarrassed much? Good news is that he thought it was pretty funny and he never saw me as a closet Ludacris fan. Although if I openly love him I guess I'm not a closet fan, right?
Happy Friday!
*Just to clarify that I need to get a life, I used Urban Dictionary to make sure I spelled a'ight properly. And to further clarify, I have NO DRESS to wear to my class reunion.
STAH-RESS-FULL. (Not found in Urban Dictionary)


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