Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shame stick...

Well, I had my own version of the shame stick. For those of you who don't know what a shame stick is, I'll explain.
I learned about shame sticks from According to Jim. That's right. Relating life to television. Who relates?
Jim's brother in law Andy was upset with himself and ate a "shame stick."
A shame stick is a stick of butter rolled in sugar. And you eat it.
And no, I did not really eat a shame stick, but I feel pretty shameful right now.
I cleaned out my closet (which amazingly enough was not the problem as I've really, really been on the mend for a long time about shopping if you've followed my own personal saga at all.) The problem came when I cleaned all around the baseboards of the closet. And found what appeared to be a collection of BAZILLIONS of plastic pieces from price tags. You know, the tags you rip off of your clothes after the shopping euphoria has worn off? Shoppers, you know what I mean.
Wow. Do I feel silly looking at all those tags I scooped up.
My own personal version of the shame stick.
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my own personal lessons learned.


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

How appropriate.

Trinette Hayslip said...

In the "shameful" process of cleaning out your closet, did you come across any clothes that would look good in my closet?

La Belette Rouge said...

I have never heard of a shame stick before. Yuck! That is gross. And, dear KT, I feel sure that if I took a look at the bottom of my closet I would find a bazillion or tow of the tags. He-weasel is always showing them to me.

KT said...

Trinette honey, I only cleaned the bottom of my closet and the shelf in it. Like really, cleaned it. But if I weed through things you will be the first to know!!!

Sara said...

I like you shame stick a lot better than Jim's! HA!
I have to be really careful about my plastic tag thingies now - Lola and I had a little emergency vet trip a few years ago that ended in emergency dental surgery to remove the tag from her gums. Only my dog.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... Butter
Mmm... Sugar
(slobber) - Homer

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