Monday, November 16, 2009

The fine art of negotiations...

Many times, marriage requires some negotiating. Or some down right bribery. Or both.
You know, the old "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" routine.
Well, Brian has been gone for work quite a bit. And like many households with children, there is a fine balancing routine of "but it's your turn to be in charge of bedtime tonight." So, on Sunday I was looking forward to a little sleeping in and catching up on Season Three of Melrose Place. (Don't judge on the Melrose Place, I'm hooked)
Sunday didn't work out as planned.
As bath time and bed time got near, I mentioned that these things needed to be done, fully anticipating the "but you're better at it than I am" verbal exchange. The give and take of "But there's a game on" combined with my counter answer of "But you were at a game yesterday."
I entered this exchange already knowing my bottom line, because I knew I had something the other person wanted. Quiet time.
So, I started in with the "Caroline needs a bath tonight." Which was quickly met with "What do you want to do it?" A-ha! I knew it! Just like I already know that my foundation is almost gone, that I have Beauty Insider points at Sephora I want to use and that I get my free shipping on orders over $50. So, I threw out my offer of $50 for bedtime and bath, knowing it would get a counter offer, and knowing that my services could be refused if I was too greedy. But I also know I have a tired husband, and one who really wants to watch some football. The counter offer of $20 was made, quickly refused, and we struck a deal at $45.00. So, placing my order at Sephora will now really only cost me $5.00. And I get 8% cash back using my ebates account.
Rub a dub dub.


Polly said...

Now that is some cheeky compromising!

ShopKim said...

That's hysterical!

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