Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shabby Apple strikes again!

They ALWAYS have a way of coming through for me. I tried, I really really tried to go to a "real" store versus shop online for a dress for my reunion. I just really, really dislike going to the store. It makes me feel un-inspired about getting attired. Shabby Apple should have been the first place I looked. They never let me down. Cute dresses, flattering fits and excellent customer service. Why did I look anywhere else? Sure enough, five minutes on their site and I found my dress. The Truman dress. So cute!
The Apple. It's quickly becoming my new Banana. (GASP! Did I just say that?)

Thank you once again, Shabby Apple!


Polly said...

oh yes, that is a fabulous dress.

ShopKim said...

Very pretty! I'm glad you found something.

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