Wednesday, November 11, 2009

20 years later...

Well well well. It's two weeks until the Fort Wayne North Side High School 20th class reunion for the graduating class of 1989. There were over 500 of us in our class.

And it was fun. While I can't say that I would go back, I did love high school. I was involved in any activity I wanted to be from gymnastics, to speech and debate team (Come on, that's hot and you know it) and editing our school newspaper. For such a large school, we felt close knit. And as we get closer to the two week mark, I've really started thinking.

For months, I've told myself to drop a few pounds. Well, the time is here and I've realized I'm not fooling anyone. Short of chopping off a limb or emergency liposuction this is the best it's gonna get and I'm going in.

Attire. I had expected to spend hours debating a dress. You know. For when I make my ENTRANCE. Yeah, I have no dress. I've got plenty of time.

A little lift around the aging eyes. Took care of that. Whew.

Need to schedule hair, nail and wax appointments.

Who am I doing all of this for? My own ego. She's a real expensive girl that one.

Story line? I've considered pulling off the Romy and Michelle and telling people I invented post it notes.

The cast:

Visit with THE GIRL I WANTED TO BE. The writer who succeeded? Monica Yant Kinney. Co-editors on the Northerner, the paper ruled by the iron fist of one Norma Theile, a woman who taught me more than any other person ever has.

Kenny- The "bud" I hung out with. After 19 years reconnected only to find out we live a matter of miles from one another. Seeing him doesn't make me feel a day older. It's like were kids again.

Wendy- The cheerleader in school I never hung out with but had dinner with a few weeks ago. Cheers to Wendy!

Matt- The kind, quiet guy. Got to have dinner and some conversations with him as well. Good times.

Abby- The girl who taught me how to pick up older high school boys. Worked like a charm.

Jenny- Boy did we have our share of fun. Have any possible statute of limitations run out before I cross state line and come back in?

Steve- Sorry you can't come. You will be missed. At least until 9 p.m. when we don't remember your name!

My question is, after not going back for 20 years am I opening a can of worms, or opening up to new experiences?

Putting forward the person I am today versus the person I believed I would be? If I get my hair, nails and makeup down will you perceive me to be more successful than I am? Happier? Will you take me at facevalue? Or are you more concerned about what I am seeing of you?

The best I can figure is that this is our chance. In 20 more years we're just going to be exhausted. Let's get this party started now!


presious said...

Wow! Good for you KT :) I've often thought about my high school classmates but have never bothered to contact them. My kids say I should try MySpace, but I'm not too good with those kinds of webpages. I think what I will do is give some names to my kids and have them look them up for me :).

Glad you had such a good time!

WendyB said...

Don't over analyze primping. It's just nice to look nice. Why go out and see people you haven't seen in two decades looking like you rolled off your sofa. Wanting to have a nice exterior doesn't mean you're faking anything. :-)

Polly said...

I hope that you have an awesome time, and Im in total agreeance with Wendy, a little bit of a primp and preen is good for the ego!

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