Sunday, March 9, 2008

A week in review

Tessa's new hair

Caroline's new Russian
stacking doll

1) Caroline got robbed at the grocery store. Kroger has been notified as well as her Uncle Todd who is a detective and is going to look into this for her. The perps face is on our fridge so in case we see him we can ID him. Never fear, Brian's co-worker Becky came up with a new Russian Stacking Doll for Caroline. Thank you Becky. (Note Caroline's Barry Manilow t-shirt in the pic)
2) Tessa got a nice new hair cut. Caroline had a bad hair day.
3) Due to the blizzard of 08 our family celebration for Caroline's birthday along with her cousin Ainsley's birthday had to be cancelled. We had a full sheet cake ready and busted into it for a dry run.
4) Played Bunco with Caroline. She cheats. Watched Care Bears until my ears started to bleed.
5) Had 800 Easter Eggs ready for a hunt at work. Had to cancel it due to weather. Do you know how hard it is to get the bunny to show up on the right day?
6) Daylight savings. In about 6 months I will remember to switch the clock in my car.
7) Scheduled Tessa's first college visit. Seriously, how did this happen? I still have her dress from Kindergarten.


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