Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is my life...

As I sit here on the eve of Caroline's 4th birthday I have just sent Tessa off to another one of her friends 16th birthday parties. Caroline gets invited to parties for friends 4-6 years old, Tessa gets invited to Sweet 16 parties. Last night at dinner I reminded Brian that we will send Caroline off to kindergarten the same year Tessa leaves for college. I am anticipating much stress and many tears in the upcoming year. I will be helping Tessa look at colleges as I look at kindergarten programs for Caroline. Caroline has been potty trained for a year, Tessa is getting ready to learn to drive. Holy smokes. I think I need a spa day. Although I am excited to take Tessa to see some schools. I made her go with me to see the new Raven movie called College Road Trip. I am considering doing every embarrasing thing her father did in that movie. We're going to see Xavier and University of Dayton in a few weeks and I threatened to get a "Future Xavier Mom t-shirt. Other schools on the list:
Case Western
Brian has mentioned Wake Forest so we may add that to the list. Could be a fun visit.


Jordan and Jeremy said...

oh my, watching your kids grow up so fast makes me realize that i am going to be doing the same things one day, and soon! potty training, sweet 16 parties, COLLEGE!??! yikes. I am going gray as i type.

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