Monday, March 10, 2008

Caroline got a puppy for her birthday

Not really. (I love that "hook" though, don't I?) So I opened up the front door to get the newspaper and this cocker spaniel comes running in my house. And fast! I looked outside the door but there was no person. So this dog is running and running in circles, and so is Caroline. She is SCREAMING "A puppy a puppy I got a puppy for my birthday!" Crap. This dog is so fast that I can't even get it long enough to read it's tag, plus I don't know this dog and I don't know if it will bite me or Caroline. I called a neighbor to see if they had noticed anyone walking around looking for a dog. I finally got a hold of this hyper dog and it had a tag from a vet in Maine. There is a lady a few doors down who lives in Maine part of the year. I called another neighbor to see if they knew if it might be her dog. All of this is going on as Caroline and this dog are running around with Caroline screaming "My puppy." Somehow Brian is sleeping through this. I had Caroline go get him and I can hear her running upstairs yelling about the dog, come see the dog I got. Then one neighbor calls me to tell me a lady is walking around with a leash. So I open the door and Caroline is yelling out the door to the lady "Come see my puppy" So the lady gets her dog and Caroline tells the dog that she will see it tomorrow. Sure. At least she didn't freak out that the dog is not for us. Oh yeah, the dog peed in our house.


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