Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do you have anything to declare?

Brian and I (along with friends Kevin and Lori) went to the casino in Windsor this weekend to have some fun and hear an Abba tribute band, Abbamania. No joke. So things went well, won a little money, had fun. But if you know us, some things always hold true. 1) Brian has a little patience problem 2) If something is going to happen to someone it is going to be us

We are waiting in the very long lines at the border crossing. All lanes to cross are marked by pylons. Brian is a little impatient with the lines and decides to cross over into another lane. So we are making our way and I asked Brian if he heard something under the car. I told him I was pretty sure he crossed over a pylon and I could hear it thumping. So we move forward and we aren't sure we can hear it. I told Brian to look but he was not about to get out of the car at the border crossing and look under the car. (On the way over they wanted to know why we were bringing so many clothes with us and why we had hangers with us.) Brian figured the guy at the crossing would notice if there was anything wrong and stop us. They ask us all sorts of goofy questions about whether or not we have anything to declare but never mention the bright orange pylon under the car and neither do we. So we cross the border and as we speed up you can hear the thump thump thump under our car. And we are laughing. By this point we are in a rough area in Detroit (as opposed to the good ones) so we decide to keep going until we are in a better area to stop. This car drives by and they are pointing at us and the car trying to get our attention. We go to the exit ramp and a homeless guy collecting change in a cup is hollering to us that there is something under our car. We're laughing pretty good and hard at this point. So we pull up to this car repair place and the guy working there is telling us there is something under our car. At this point I am so thankful for my camera, because of course I am putting this on my blog. So two guys who work there are outside watching as Brian pulls the pylon out from under the front tire and me taking pictures. Then we left the pylon in the parking lot and headed for home.


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