Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crime Stoppers

The other day Caroline was at the grocery store with Brian. When they came home she was sobbing. She told me that she had dropped her "football guy"and some kid came over and picked it up and walked away. She said he stole it from her. She wants it back. I mean there were TEARS! She wanted to go back to the store to look for that kid. She had me "call" Kroger (that is code in our world for calling anyone we need to in order to get something accomplished, works very well for behavioral concerns) and ask them if they had seen that boy and to please call us if they did. Throughout the evening she would check with me to see if they had called. In an effort to make her feel better I asked her if she could draw a picture of him so we could show the store. I think she may have a future as a police sketch artist. The person on the left is Caroline looking sad, the person on the right is the perp. Looks like a hardcore criminal if you ask me. If you see him, do not try to apprehend him. Get a Kroger manager or call us.

P.S. The little thief has what was actually part of a set of OSU russian stacking doll football players from the 2003 season. We got them in Alaska. Chris Gamble is now MIA.


The Warcups said...

That is AWESOME!!! Great sketch:)

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