Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Caroline is 4 today! It seems like only yesterday I was carrying around 60 pounds of baby weight, tired, miserable, crabby... Depending on the day you ask Brian he may still think that is the case. I will never forget going to the hospital with a scheduled appointment to be induced. We got there and they told us that there were so many women in labor they had no room for us and to go home and they would call. I let them know that there was no way I was leaving that hospital still pregnant. I had already thrown away my maternity clothes with no plans of wearing them again. Anyway, when we got into our room and they introduced us to our labor and delivery nurse I could not believe it. I had Tessa in 1992 and here I was in 2004 and got the SAME NURSE! She was awesome the first time and was again the 2nd time. (If you deliver at Riverside ask for labor and delivery nurse Susan Saunders.) I was adamant about not having a St. Patrick's Day baby, and there we were on March 16th going on 10 p.m. after being induced in the morning. No baby. During the entire pregnancy (and even before it) we had decided that if we had a girl we would name her Lily. As we got closer to St. Patricks Day though I tried to talk Brian into Fiona or something Irish sounding. But we made it on the 16th. Whew! But then the problem was that she didn't quite look like Lily to me. So poor Brian went home to get some sleep, came back the next morning to find out that I thought she looked like a Caroline. But she did and here we are 4 years later.
*This is the picture I took as soon as Caroline woke up this morning. The reason that the angle is off is because I took it while I was laying down on her floor. Reason? I slept there. Why? Because she wanted a slumber party for her birthday and asked me to sleep in her room in a sleeping bag. She even gave me one of her stuffed animals and a pillow. And after looking at this picture I realized I need to remove the tape from her outlet cover from when I painted in there about 3 years ago. Oops!


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