Friday, February 1, 2008

A week in review...

1) Spent the week trying to get the guy who "fixed" out stove two weeks ago to come back to finish the job so hopefully, just hopefully I could use the oven this weekend. No luck. Resorted to plan "B" and have another company coming tomorrow.

2) As the ongoing saga of "This Old House" continues, flipped on the remaining working lights in our basement and no joke, they burned out. And guess what... That contractor hasn't called us back either.

3) But it gets better- As of this week our kitchen sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal are backing up into the downstairs bathtub. If you could only see what I came home to tonight. Have a plumber coming tomorrow. Like a ding dong I'm debating driving into work just so I can print a $25.00 off coupon for the plumber. It will most likely cost me $10 in gas.

4) Had my 4th Burrito Bol of the week for dinner tonight. (Maybe the no oven thing isn't so bad after all. And who am I kidding- I wasn't going to cook anyway.)

5) Hired someone new at work this week. I am pretty excited, except for when I was filling out her new employee paperwork I saw that she was born in 1989. Gee, I graduated from HIGH SCHOOL that year.

6) Traci had planned an "Ugly Sweater" party for tonight but had to cancel. Since I already had my ugly sweater I went ahead and wore it to work anyway just for fun. I told Traci and Jordan that when they came in today to pay rent they HAD to wear their ugly sweaters or pay late fees as I would not accept the rent without the ugly sweaters being worn. Both of them were good enough sports to actually humor me. And those were some ugly sweaters! Brian actually complimented my sweater and was being sincere, not sarcastic.

7) On a nicer note- Tessa auditioned for the choir at school and made it. Caroline taught herself how to write the letter "D" on her Etch A Sketch by copying it from her alphabet book.

I love those kids!

8) Worked out 2x with the trainer. Am I done now?

9) Only one week until we get to go see Barry Manilow. As Brian reminded me tonight, "Who treats me right?" Caroline got invited to a birthday party for the same night as Barry Manilow. When I called to RSVP (or not RSVP I guess) and told them Sorry, we would be at Barry Manilow that night I was met with silence. I had to clarify that I am actually excited about this and it was my choice to go. Because I am a Fanilow.


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