Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oh, that Barry Manilow!

OK, so I love concerts. My first concert was David Lee Roth, and then INXS. Then the Rolling Stones. That covers the late 80's. (As a side note I wore blue and yellow striped leggings with an oversized yellow sweatshirt to David Lee Roth.) So I know I'm dating myself here. But as an effort to redeem myself I have also seen LL Cool J and my current favorite song is Low by Flo Rida. Anyway... for all the concerts I have seen (and I think I've seen some great ones) Barry Manilow was THE BEST. No joke. He is AMAZING. Even Brian thought it was great. I felt like a kid I had so much fun! (Again thank you to Holly for the tickets. She also got us Maroon 5 tickets, and a parking pass!) Barry Manilow was beyond great. I have gone to see Barenaked Ladies 4 times because I think they are so great in concert but if I could I would go see Barry Manilow just as many. I was so sad though because my camera battery died so I only have one photo to share. Bummer. I wish I could have taken a picture of all the middle aged women with their exact same teased and combed out hairstyles. And shiny, rhine-stone-y tops. Do you know the look I mean? How come all women get the exact same hairstyle after a certain age? Do they give you a teasing comb and a big can of Aqua Net after a certain age? Barry would do this little butt shake thing and all the women would giggle and poke each other. It really was a great time.


Tessa said...

It's Flo Rida. get with it.


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