Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Foiled! My plans are ruined!

I'm sure this comes as no big surprise but Brian and I are HORRIBLE communicators. We are also bad about consulting one another on things. (Brian, if you read this I'm sorry but we all know it's true and I said "We" not you or me) Anyway, Brian will think he told me something. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn't. Sometimes neither one of us has any clue what the other one has said. And sometimes I make decisions and cross my fingers that Brian won't care or would not have wanted to be consulted with such trivial things. I usually wait until Brian is out of town to make these decisions so it is too late for him to come up with an opinion or valid reason why something shouldn't be done. Like the time he went on a golf trip and came home and there was all new furniture in our bedroom. (I have that moment on our camcorder) Or the time(s) he has gone away for work and come home to a room(s) being painted a different color. Or the time we went to the lake and new living room furniture came. Or when I signed a contract for our new roof and realized I maybe should have asked his opinion on shingles and I had to hide the sign from the roofing company in the trunk of my car for a few days while I worked up the courage to tell him. That was especially fun when the roofer came by and thought someone stole the sign so he put a new one in the yard. Long story even longer- I guess I wasn't paying attention when Brian told me he would be out of town next week on Monday and Tuesday and here I made plans to paint the living room on Thursday/Friday while he was gone. Oh man! So long Sherwin Williams...


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