Thursday, October 18, 2007


About 3 years ago (or more) I started telling Brian how much he snored. It was so bad you could hear it through the entire house at night. No joke. I camcorded his snoring one night. I slept on the couch. I bought Breathe Rite strips. I woke him up several times a night to let him know he was snoring and I couldn't sleep. I begged. I pleaded. Then, in the morning he'd complain that he didn't get a good nights sleep because I woke him up all night long. Aargh! Then about 2 years ago or so he came back from a golf trip and told me that his buddy mentioned how bad his snoring was compared to a year ago on the same trip and maybe he should do something about it. Interesting. So a year ago September he spent the night at a sleep clinic. Then last December we met with a surgeon regarding surgery for Brian's diagnosed severe sleep apnea. Then, the surgeon kept Brian waiting for over an hour. Brian made it very clear to the office staff what he thought about that. There were some words used that I'm not even sure you would find in Webster's. Finally, after all this time and a new surgeon who runs on time Brian is finally set to have surgery tomorrow. Think good thoughts for Brian tomorrow. This has really been a long process to get to this point, and hopefully Brian will feel better and healthier once this is done. (And hopefully I can get a good nights sleep after more than 3 years!)


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