Monday, October 15, 2007

Oops I did it again!

My love affair with Volvos started around 3rd grade or so. I remember Dennis Reardon's parents used to bring him to school in a lemon yellow Volvo. I loved that car. I wanted to marry Dennis so I could ride in that car. So here I am, 36 and the proud owner of our beloved Volvo S40. I remember telling Brian when we bought it that we should buy the Acura instead of the Volvo because it wasn't worth a monthly payment to drive a car you did not love. (Brian liked the Acura more, but the Volvo was a much better deal.) Anyway, the Volvo was Brian's car up until this past winter when I drove the Volvo and put all of my crap in it. Then, it became easier to just leave my stuff in it versus clean it out and trade cars back with Brian. (He keeps his car clean on the inside. Whatever.) Well, then I had a little mishap with the seal on the window of the Volvo. And when it rained the Volvo filled with water. No joke. Again, it was easier to deal with the water versus having Brian gripe at me about it. And when it rains and it hot outside and water gets in the car the car windows steam up. Or even better in the winter the inside of the windows frost over and you have to scrape the inside of the windows also. (Not that this has been going on for several seasons and changes in weather) Then the headlight on it got broken. (You can see where this is going.) And one of the wheelcaps magically disappeared. Then I might have done something so that you can no longer play CD's in the Volvo. OK, and then somehow the mechanism that lets the carseat move forward and backward broke. And oh yeah, I may have spilled green paint in the car and then Caroline walked through it and now I have green foot prints in the front and back seat. It is a good thing green is my favorite color. I am absolutely determined to drive this car until it is time for Tessa to drive. And I most likely will as 1) Car payments stink 2) Obviously I can procrastinate dealing with stuff I don't want to deal with like nobody's business 3) There is still way more stuff I need to break on this car 4) Maybe I will quit talking about this while I am ahead in case Brian ever really reads this (I really did think about cleaning the paint tonight)


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