Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas shopping

I'm done. Didn't even go to a store. (Am I a bah-humbugger or what?) I have done everything online and not paid any shipping charges and on some sites not paid sales tax. (Free shipping if you spend $25, and you get to pick 3 sample items. Much better deal than Sephora and the sample choices are better.) (I never knew this but you can create lists by person so you can see what you have already purchased for each person. You can also create a calendar so you remember important dates. They also have a lot of items that have free shipping.) (Free shipping on lots of items, and fast! I ordered things on Friday and they got here Monday.)
Of course, I haven't done Christmas cards. Maybe I can just email them...
Happy Holidays!


nikkip said...

good for you, katie. i'm a little jealous, though.

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