Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brian's Christmas Gift

Brian has been traveling a lot so for Christmas I decided to get him a GPS unit. I was pretty excited about this and thought it was a pretty good gift. I'm not very good at saving gifts once I've purchased them, and last night I gave Brian the GPS unit. (He was leaving today for Kentucky for a few days) I could tell he thought it was an OK gift, but didn't love it. He said he wasn't sure how much he would use it, and that he didn't know how to use it. I told him to take it with him, and his boss Jack, who is going with him would most likely play around with it and figure it out. But of course that is not a good idea at all, as they know where they are going plus he is not going to ask someone else how to use it and hook it up. He told me he would figure it out on his day off. Or that I could put it in the Volvo since I'm not very good with directions. But as I told Brian, I know how to get to the daycare and back. (Not that I'm implying I have no life) Anyway, wouldn't you just know Brian calls me today lost somewhere in Kentucky. And his boss Jack said he would have been happy to help figure out how to use the GPS. Go figure.


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