Monday, September 17, 2007


Brian's friend Scott is running for Powell City Council. (So if you live in Powell, vote for Scott Beilharz. ) Anyway, he had a fundraiser Sunday. Here is Caroline's first political statement.
Also, the Powell City Offices are in the building where the fundraiser was. Caroline sat in a chair at the podium and had us sit in the audience and ask her questions. Maybe if Scott needs a running mate he should consider Caroline...


Anonymous said...

Regarding Scott Beilharz, it is too bad that he hasn't thought to voice his platform to the voters. He could have wrapped up Golf Village easily if he had said that he was in favor of the 65,000 sq foot cap applying to the entire community, including Powell, Golf Village, and Liberty Township.

KT said...

The good news is that it appears Scott will still be on the ballot. He has good ideas and is very conscientious. He wants to be involved in the community. Spread the word: Vote for Scott Beilharz!

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